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Giving Hope Shield

Looking for a place to host your next event?  We have the perfect space for you!  We cater to all types of events:


family gatherings

sports nights

You can even call ahead to drop in and check out the space before you rent.
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Upcoming Events

In the times that we are living in, where services and programs are being postponed or cancelled, we try to find creative ways to stay connected with each other.  Church buildings may be closed, but the Church is still alive - a vibrant and living testimony to the power of a loving God, who holds us each in the palm of His hand.

We invite you to watch this space for links to services, devotionals, and prayer guides to help us keep connected through this time.

Please visit our Bible Study Page to download guided meditations, as well as a new men's bible study which has just started.

Our Women's Ministries page has several programs and devotionals that are easily accessible.

You can also find encouragement by checking out our Inspirational Thoughts page.

If you are looking for an Online Worship Service, join us each Sunday at for Worship led by our Territorial leadership team.

May God bless you.